11th Moon Postpartum AyurDoula Care

The 11th moon is the cycle of healing and bonding between the mother and her new babe. In Ayurveda we say, 42 days for 42 years. The AyurDoula mothers the mother with nutrition, herbal teas, massage and rituals that inspires an abundance of rest and rejuvenation for a lifetime of well-being.

Each day is a three hour visit and will include all required/desired offerings including daily massage, baths, herbal teas and support and up to two Ayurvedic meals per day.For Men and Women

Please note that several of these offerings have an appropriate timing that may differ from mama to mama.

For the Mother:

  • Ayurvedic Warm Oil Massages – Recommended one per day for 40 days. Self massage instructions will be included

  • Sacred Ceremonial Bath  with healing herbs, flowers and quiet time to reflect.

  • Sacred Ceremonial Sealing –  Allows for physical, emotional, and spiritual sealing of the birth process

  • Sitz bath and tub soaks with bath herbs and aromatherapy

  • Sacred Belly Bind – The bind offers the mama’s postpartum body loving support to assist the abdominal wall muscle retraction, improve posture, stabilize loosened ligaments, and provides support to the organs that have moved around during the pregnancy.

  • Daily assessments of mama and baby appetite, digestion, elimination, rest and moods

  • Nutritious Postpartum Ayurvedic Meals – one or two per visit.

  • Ayurvedic Ghee for 40 days for optimal digestion, nervous system balance and health

  • Tea Service + Ceremony

  • Tinctures + Balms + Salves

  • Hot Stone Herb Abdominal Press

  • Vaginal/Yoni Steam

  • Moxibustion

  • Herbal Nutrition for Lactation

  • Lactation or Bottle Feeding Support including recipes for homemade formula

  • Special Need Herbals

  • Essential Oil Support

  • Ayurvedic Ojas-building snacks

  • Herbal teas

  • Light cleaning – Up to one load laundry per visit

  • Limited childcare in home

  • Grocery Shopping and occasional errands

  • Pet Care – Feeding, walking and general loving

  • Dinacharya – daily routine support

  • Optional Basti Treatments including supplies and instructions

  • Parent’s Cookbook and Manual 

For the infant:

  • Infant Massage and Exercise Instruction after cord drops

  • Breastfeeding Assessment/Assistance/Referral

  • Newborn Care Instruction such as bathing/ swaddling/diapering as needed

  • Daily Assessment

These items above “for the infant” are demonstration only as I encourage the mother to be the one hands-on.


AyurDoula Packages

2 week; 4 week and 6 week packages are available. Lets sit down and talk about it. Click below to schedule a time to discuss your goals and options to meet those goals.


Women’s Ritual for Healing

Healing from Trauma, Recovering from Miscarriage, Abortion and/or Sexual Abuse. We will go through the instructions and ritual for healing from past and present traumas. Timings, duration and supplies for one full cycle of the ritual will be included. Restored by Wise Earth Ayurveda® is an ancient Vedic ritual that is beyond religious belief~ we do use a Sanskrit mantra to the Goddess and will discuss optional prayers to reflect one’s own belief system if desired. 60 min / $50 private session

Instructions will be sent upon registration

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