Motherhood Unearthed

With Conscious Parent Coach, Rebecca Lyddon

10 Week Journey

Begin your path through, or deepen your practice with, Empowered, Informed, & Compassionate Parenting

We will meet once weekly for 10 weeks over a one hour phone session, as well as lifetime access to an online course for any person dedicated to becoming as informed, prepared, and interconnected as possible with the latest research in Child development, emotional intelligence, re-parenting, & empowered communication.

Individual or Group options available!

  • 30 minute intake & outtake phone call with Rebecca

  • 10 Group/Personal One Hour Coaching Sessions via phone

  • Lifetime access to online course

  • Guided meditations

  • Guided written prompts for self-reflection

  • So, so much more!


10 Week Group/Personal Journey

Lets sit down and talk about it. Click below to schedule a time to discuss your goals and options to meet those goals.