Fertility Enhancement

For Men and Women

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been treating fertility for thousands of years through acupuncture, Chinese herbs, dietary therapy, and lifestyle modifications. Whether you are trying to conceive on your own or with the assistance of modern technology, we can help.

We are dedicated to helping our patients on their family-building journeys, and know that this means offering not only physical treatment, but also emotional and spiritual support. We have been honored to walk with so many clients over the years who face the challenges of infertility. Our goal is to support you through the process in a way that will minimize your stress, facilitate healing, and empower you to make whatever family-building choices feel right for you.

Medical studies have indicated that acupuncture and Chinese herbs can increase blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, stimulate ovulation in women and can help increase sperm concentration and motility in men. In addition to helping many women conceive naturally, we have worked with many patients going through IUI, IVF, and other ART treatments, so we are familiar with these medical protocols and how we can safely and effectively optimize your chances of success. 

Traditional Chinese medicine has been shown to:

  • improve egg quality

  • regulate the menstrual cycle

  • treat endometriosis and fibroids

  • increase circulation to the ovaries and uterus

  • regulate the hypothalmic-pituitary-ovarian axis

  • improve sperm count and motility

  • dramatically improve success rates for IVF patients 


Fertility Assment

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