Woman’s Health Offerings

With Moon Jewel Ayurveda

Moon Jewel recognizes the many phases of women’s health and healing and offer specific rituals, therapies and guidance to restore health and balance. Some of our offerings include aligning the cycle with the moon, healing rituals for past trauma or loss, as well as menstrual related challenges, pregnancy, menopause support. We offer both class and individual sessions for women to promote well-being.

Please check our class schedule for additional opportunities to learn about restoring women’s wisdom.

Moon Cycle Wisdom for Women

These sessions are designed to educate women in the knowledge of the long forgotten Vedic wisdom of the lunar cycles that guide a woman’s health, joy and longevity. In these highly participatory courses, you will learn unique Sadhana practices to bring your monthly cycle in harmony with lunar rhythms. These nurturing practices are designed to help every woman reclaim her beauty, health and inner joy. 60min / $75

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